Safe Desert Dwellers

The Healthy Living Institute at UMC is proud to introduce the “Safe Desert Dwellers,” program, an initiative that focuses on the education and awareness of unintentional injuries as they relate to the specific climate here in the Las Vegas desert.

Safe Desert Dwellers is determined to train, educate and help youth through intentional outreach, educational opportunities, hands-on training, and focused activities to address pool safet, life-saving practices, and burn injury prevention.

Out in the Community

Be sure to check out our “Hot Spot” locations, places where our community will have opportunities to receive sunscreen application and education, hydration education, and protective clothing to shield the skin from too much sun exposure. Coupled with skin and burn safety, pool safety tactics will be taught and instructed. Trained staff will also educate children and families on how to perform basic CPR techniques as well as how to find, locate, and operate an AED when there is an emergency. Parents and their children will have hands-on opportunities to try these life-saving techniques, while simultaneously learning the rules of water safety to prevent slips, falls and drownings.

Kohl’s Cares + UMC Children’s Hospital has provided community wide education on water safety, car seat safety, bike safety, and pedestrian safety. Community events, health fairs, bicycle rodeos, car seat checks, and school presentations comprise the types of outreach efforts of the program. The UMC Children’s Hospital of Nevada formed the exclusive partnership with Kohl’s and received the first grant funds of over $166,000 at the kick-off event in November of 2011 and has continued from that day to work together to create a safer, healthier community.