Patients and Visitors

UMC Children’s Hospital is just one institute that partners with UMC to provide comprehensive care to the community. At UMC Children’s Hospital, we take care of sick and injured children. We recognize that health is not merely the absence of disease and UMC Quick Cares and Primary Cares are a part of this vital network. They are spread throughout the community, allowing easy access to medical care for problems that occur after regular hours.

When your child receives care at UMC Children’s Hospital, whether for a broken arm or flu or something more serious, you’re involved every step of the way. The doctors, nurses, and other health professionals at UMC Children’s Hospital treat parents as their partners. They know that parents are experts at caring for their children. Parents are allowed to stay with their child and participate in their recovery. At UMC Children’s Hospital, we are sensitive to the needs of the child and believe in family-centered care. We give you the support you need and respect your family’s beliefs and traditions.

Child Life Specialists at UMC Children’s Hospital are experts in putting kids at ease. They make sure children feel comfortable and safe. They prepare the children and their families for procedures, tests and surgery, help them deal with stress and provide support. Children are entertained with age-appropriate, creative and educational activities and games brought to their bedside or in a well-equipped, cheery playroom.