Who Provides Care

Attending physician is a senior member of the medical or surgical staff who is in charge of your child’s care. The attending physician supervises your child’s treatment and works with other team members to plan care every day.

Intensivist (critical care physician) is a doctor who specializes in the care of critically ill children. Our critical care staff consists of attending physicians, fellows and residents. The critical care team cares for all patients in the PICU.

Residents are physicians who are receiving advanced training in the Hospital. They participate in your child’s care under the direction of an attending physician.

Consulting physicians are experts in a specific area of pediatric care. Your child’s attending physician may ask a consultant to help diagnose and treat your child. A consulting physician will also have a team of fellows and residents.

Registered nurse is always assigned to care for your child. One nurse is your child’s primary nurse, who coordinates and plans nursing care. The primary nurse and other registered nurses who care for your child will answer your questions and teach you how to be involved in your child’s care.

Nurse manager oversees the nursing care provided by the unit staff. The manager is available to answer questions related to your child’s care or to help obtain needed resources.

Social workers are especially skilled counselors who help families cope with having a child in the Hospital. They can help you access community resources and plan for the things your family will need after discharge. Social work services are available every day.

Respiratory care practitioner evaluates and treats patients with breathing problems. This person assists with a child’s care by providing therapy and education during the hospital stay and in preparation for discharge.

Child Life specialist helps both patients and their brothers and sisters adjust to the Hospital. They help children express their feelings about the Hospital through play and other activities geared to the child’s age and ability to understand.

HOPE Chaplain A full-time Hospital chaplain is available for spiritual support and to administer sacraments. The chaplain can also help you reach clergy members of other faiths.

Other specialized team members such as the nutritionist, physical and occupational therapists and a case manager may be involved in helping to plan care for you and your child. These team members will explain their role in your child’s care when they meet with you.